1. General

Antgage is a digital online platform that supports entertainment profiles and enables entertainment booking and management in a simple and secure way. Entertainment profiles on our listings are verified and accompanied with their Profile Strength(%) to determined the quality of the profile Each profile showcases the Entertainer’s write up, media files, service packages and reviews.

You can secure the services of the Entertainer by booking their listed service packages through Antgage’s secure payment system and get protected by Antgage’s booking policies.

We have 2 different type of accounts. “User” and “Antertainer”. Creating an Antgage account is FREE.

“User” - To browse Antgage’s listings and make booking of any service packages listed by the Entertainer. You can sign up for a free User account here “Antertainer” - To create your own personalised profile and render your services to the users through your service packages. You can sign up for a free Antertainer account here Antertainer accounts cannot be used to make bookings. If you would like to book other Antertainer’s services, please create an User account

If you have an account but wish to reset your password due safety reasons or if you have forgotten, you may go to www.antgage.sg and click on Sign In > Forgot? Please select the type of account (“User” or “Antertainer”) that you would like to reset as your email may be registered to both type of accounts You will have to type in the email address that is registered to the account and a password reset link will be sent to your email

Service packages are services listed on the Entertainer’s profile that are made available for booking

Service packages are customized and can be found within an Entertainer’s profile You will only be able to view and book if the Entertainer has decided to list his/her Service Packages

You need to be signed in to view the full details of Service Packages Please use a “User” account to place any bookings

You will have to be signed in as a User to book an Entertainer If you do not have a Public User account please sign up for a free account here After signing in, you may find the “Service Packages”(if any) within the Entertainer’s profile and proceed with the booking after keying in all the required information A booking request will be sent to the Entertainer for them to accept or decline The Entertainer has up to 72 hours to respond to your booking request. The booking will automatically be cancelled after 72 hours if there is no response. You will be notified by email of any booking outcomes or you can also view the status and information under “My Bookings” through your account

After keying in all the required information to book any service package, you will be prompted to make a payment to initiate a booking request Your card will be authorised for payment and it may show as a “hold” amount. You are not being charged yet In the event that the booking is being declined or cancelled, the “hold” amount will be released back to your card Upon confirmation of the booking, your card will charged with full amount of the booking

There are 4 different type of cancellation policies. Flexible, Moderate, Strict and Super Strict Entertainers will adopt either one of the four cancellation policies as their preferred choice for each service package Public Users are able to see the cancellation policy adopted in the service packages section while making a booking Please make sure you are agreeable with the cancellation policy before making any booking as charges may incur when you do not adhere with the adopted cancellation policy To learn more about our full cancellation policy you may view our cancellation policy under Terms & Conditions

Cancellation charges on any refundable bookings will be at 10% of the amount refunded. The refund will be made to the card that was charged for the booking

We will refund you the full amount that was charged

You may contact an Entertainer through our smart messaging system on Antgage’s platform by visiting the Entertainer’s profile page In order to do so, you will need to sign in to your account first

Antgage booking policies protects all parties. You can view the terms and conditions here You must email a dispute claim to hello@antgage.sg within 24 hours should there be any unsolvable problems arising to the booking In the event that a dispute has been lodged, payout to Entertainer will be frozen until the dispute has been resolved Antgage reserves the rights to have the last say in all disputes.

Our platform accepts most major credit/debit cards (Visa/ MasterCard/ Amex)

2. Antertainer

You will be notified by email when you get a user has requested to book your service packages You can also track it from “My Bookings” in your account

You have 72 hours to accept or decline a booking request, after which, the request will be automatically be cancelled

Antgage collects the service fee in advance as a form of “security deposit” At Antgage we do our best to ensure that the payments and payouts are all done securely and punctually via the platform, in return we would like to ensure a high level of commitment from our Entertainers when it comes to the professionalism of accepting bookings

The service fee will be refunded to you in the event that the user has made a cancellation of the booking adhering to the adopted cancellation policy If the user did not adhere to the cancellation policy, you will receive 50% of your service package fees. However, the service fee will not be refunded Under the “Super Strict” policy, you will receive 100% of your service package fees. However, the service fee will not be refunded

When you do a cancellation of an accepted booking, the system will do a refund to your. hirer, however the service fee charged during the acceptance of the booking will be forfeited If you wish to have a change of date or time for your booked services you may contact your hirer to resolve the matter, amendments of date/time is possible through the system provided both parties are agreeable

Upon conclusion of the date of the booking, the booking fees will be remitted to your chosen mode of payout within 7 to 14 working days Remitted fees will be frozen in the event of any dispute raised until the dispute has been resolved

You will be able to add or edit your payout information under Settings>Payout Information Modes of payment can be selected from Direct Bank Account Credit or PayNow

Colony Points can be used to Repost and Boost your Profile to give your profile a more competitive edge on Antgage’s Profile Listing Your profile comes with 50 Free CP upon sign up

You may purchase more Colony Points under your Entertainer account > Purchase Colony Points

Boosted profiles are highlighted to rank above regular profiles in the listing.  Repost are done to keep your profiles rank higher than non-reposted profiles in the listings.

Boosting and Reposting your profile will continue to give you a competitive edge and stand out to public users

You can boost your profile for 30 CP for a duration of 1 week, up to 3 weeks

1 Repost cost 2 CP. You can repost as many times as you want

Yes we got you covered. Our platform’s system allows you to do a scheduled repost on a specific date/time or everyday at a specific time for an entire week or a month

Yes, any Colony Points that has not been used for the Repost will be refunded

No, once you use your CP to boost your profile, you can’t cancel the boost and the CP will not be refunded

Gig portal enables you to post or apply a job within our Entertainers community At times of emergency where stand-ins are needed, Entertainers may use this to help one another relieve their duties